Walking Sticks Golf Clubs Review Conducted by GolfTest USA

Walking Sticks Review Conducted by GolfTest USA and Jon Vayre, Director of Golf Instruction at Torres Blancas Golf Club.Earlier in the year GolfTest USA received several requests from golfers wanting to know if we had the opportunity to test and evaluate the Walking Sticks golf clubs. We had our two expert Lead Test Administrators each play a round of golf with the Walking Sticks irons and both of them were pleasantly surprised and pleased with how well the Walking Sticks irons performed. We also had a few of our best testers play a round of golf using the Walking Sticks and they too reported excellent results playing with them. None of the testers felt their game was compromised playing with Walking Sticks Irons.Testimonial from Jon Vayre, PGA ProAt first I was a little skeptical about playing a round of golf with the Walking Sticks golf clubs.

After hitting some shots and playing with them, they were way better than I anticipated.

They have an excellent feel and when you hit them on the sweet spot you will love the results.

I shot par playing with these irons and I have to say that I don’t think I could have played better even if I had my own irons in the bag that I have been playing for 5 years. A definite 2 Thumbs Up for the Walking Sticks.

Written by: Jon Vayre PGM

Director of Instruction

Torres Blancas Golf Club

Following is some information gleaned from the Walking Sticks website.

For over 100 years inventors have been trying to perfect an adjustable golf club. The revolutionary WALKING STICKS utilize advanced computer technology to do just that.

The Walking Sticks consist of three adjustable clubs:

a 3/4/5, 6/7/8, and a 9/Pitching Wedge/Sand Wedge. The simple to use Built-In Adjusting Lever is all it takes to instantly make your loft adjustments.

There Is Absolutely No Change To Your Game!

The clubs are perimeter weighted and perform just like a conventional set of irons.

Achieve Better Play!

A conventional golf bag with 14 clubs weighs approximately 27 pounds. A complete set of 7 clubs including the Walking Sticks in our lightweight bag can weigh as little as 10 pounds. Which would you rather carry?

By replacing 9 conventional clubs with just 3 Walking Sticks and our 7″ diameter lightweight stand bag, you can reduce the weight of your bag by 60%, enabling you to easily walk the course. Because you’re walking, you enjoy the benefits of enhanced cardiovascular activity and exercise while achieving greater focus on your game and the course.

For more information about the AMAZING Walking Sticks Irons visit www.walkingsticksgolf.com