Turtle Shades Folding Sunglasses Review: July, 2010

We were perusing the internet a few months ago and ran across a product that we thought would be a great accessory for golfers to have with them out on the course. Many times golfers head out to the golf course and forget to bring their sunglasses with them. We contacted the company that markets Turtle Shades and they were kind enough to send us a couple of samples. Turtle Shades fold up so that they fit into a very small compact case. The case has a clip on it so that the case can easily be attached to a golf bag or even a golf cart. This way your sun glasses are never too far away. We found the quality of Turtle Shades to be very high especially when you factor in the very reasonable cost of a pair of Turtle Shades. When the Turtle Shades are removed from the case they are easily unfolded and ready to wear. We were impressed with how well they fit and how comfortable they were to wear. Now when I go out walking or shopping I keep my pair handy by clipping the case onto my pants belt loop. No more hunting around looking for my sunglasses. We would recommend getting two or three pair to keep in strategic locations so you are never without a good pair of sunglasses. 

While we didn’t do an official market research test on the Turtle Shades we feel compelled to award Turtle Shades our coveted GolfTest USA Seal of Excellence. Turtle Shades are a product that offers superior value, quality and performance.

For more information on Turtle Shades go to www.turtlespecs.com

The Testing Staff at GolfTest USA