The V Grip Glove: Test and Review / June, 2002

GolfTest USA ran across an interesting golf accessory called the Glove Clip and we wanted to see how golfers liked it. The Glove Clip is a high quality, double spring clip that attaches to a golfer’s belt, pocket, or golf bag. It is designed to let your golf glove hang freely and dry while you are putting or between shots. The Velcro on the golf glove attaches to the Velcro fastener on the Glove Clip. We had twenty golfers use the Glove Clip for several rounds and then rate the following criteria: Quality, Appearance, Effectiveness, Ease of Use, Durability, Design, Continue to Use and an Overall rating.The ratings (average for all testers on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being best) for each criterion are as follows:

  • “Quality” averaged an excellent rating of 8.8
  • “Appearance” received a solid rating of 8.7
  • “Effectiveness” was a strong 8.8
  • “Ease of Use” averaged an 8.5
  • “Durability” received a rating of 8.9
  • “Design” averaged a good rating of 8.7
  • “Continue to Use” received a great rating of 9.1
  • The “Overall” rating for the Glove Clip was an outstanding 8.8

Here are some comments made by the golfers who tested the Glove Clip:

“If you walk and putt gloveless, it is ideal. If I lost it I would buy another one” Fred Ziebarth

“I attached the Glove Clip to my golf cart and it works great” Ray Brown

“It is easy to use and I like the new technology. Keeps the glove dry” Pietro LoParco

The GolfTest USA evaluation:

The Glove Clip is an excellent golf accessory. It is a quality product the does what it is designed to do. Given the reasonable price of around $10 it is a product that any golfer can afford and will find very useful.

We have awarded the Glove Clip GolfTest USA’s “Seal Of Excellence”. We have also picked the Glove Clip as one of the top golf accessories for 2002 (For more info click here)

For more information of the Glove Clip contact the Glove Clip Company at (401) 270-0917 or go online to

GolfTest USA welcomes comments from anyone regarding this product and will post those of interest on our website.