The S’PORT MAX Back Support Test and Review / December, 2001

GolfTest USA has received many “Request a Test” emails from golfers for a test and review of the S’PORT MAX back support. We contacted The Saunders Group and asked them to provide us with several of the back supports. They agreed to participate and sent us ten of the S’PORT MAX back supports so we could conduct our test and review. We identified ten golfers who have a history of lower back problems (eight men and two women) and asked them to use the S’PORT MAX whenever they were golfing, experiencing back pain or felt they needed additional support. After three months of using the S’PORT MAX we asked them to rate the following criteria on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being best. Comfort, Quality, Support, Ease of Use, Will Continue to Use and Overall.The ratings (average for all testers) for each criterion are as follows:“Comfort” received a rating of 7
“Quality” received a rating of 9
“Support” received a rating of 8
“Ease of Use” received a rating of 7
“Will Continue to Use” received a rating of 9
The “Overall” rating for the S’PORT MAX was an 8

Here are some comments made by the golfers who tested the S’PORT MAX.

“Worked fine-stayed lower on hips. Was invisible under clothes. Limited rotation somewhat-but any back support does.” Scott Wilcox

“Gave me all the support I needed and was easy to adjust to make firmer or looser. The front top edge gave me a littler irritation on my stomach. It was scratchy. Liked how it stayed in place.” Dave Williams

“It worked fine for the first hour and then became a little uncomfortable.” Ann Glutting

“I really like the sport max, my back feels significantly better after each round I have played with it. Additionally, I find that it is easy to wash and it remains durable after several washes. My only concern is that it does not have very good moisture evaporation qualities and unless worn with a t-shirt can irritate on warmer days. However, I fully recommend the product and think that the benefits far outweigh the negatives.” Alex Fisken

“Will not play golf without it.” Mike Emerich

The GolfTest USA evaluation: The S’PORT MAX back support is an excellent product that does all that it claims to do. It was well received be our group of testers. In summary it stays in place, it is easy to put on, and is easy to adjust and provides the needed back support for those who have lower back pain. We would recommend this product to anyone with a history of lower back problems and pain. For more information on the S’PORT MAX and related products go

GolfTest USA welcomes comments from anyone regarding this product and will post those of interest on our website.