Teego Driving Range Ball Dispenser: Test and Review / April 2006

At the last PGA show we ran across a golf accessory that caught our eye. The manufacturer of Teego offered to send us a couple of Teego units to evaluate and we said we would have golfers use it at several driving ranges and give us their feedback and evaluation of it.
The following information was provided by Teego and is being included here to explain the claims made about the Teego by the manufacturer.

‘The Teego golf ball tee-up machine and dispenser maximizes your practice efficiency and effectiveness. Building a repeatable swing is made easier with Teego since your swing muscle memory is not “erased” by having to reset between shots. The only way to increase driving distance, accuracy and consistency is to understand the fundamentals and ingrain them by practicing…a lot. The Teego can accommodate 150 balls at a time. It has a carrying strap making it easy to transport.”

GolfTest USA Review and Evaluation of the Teego

The Teego was quick and easy to set up out of the box and within a few minutes it was ready to start dispensing balls at the range. Once the Teego bristle tee was correctly aligned, the Teego dispensed ball after ball by just tapping on the “dispensing button” with the club head. Occasionally the bristle tee required realignment to insure that the ball came to rest on top on the tee. The Teego allowed golfers to hit many more balls per practice session and allowed them to maintain a more fluid tempo in their swings. Golfers thought it was easy to use and really helped them in their practice sessions on the range. We found the Teego to be very reliable and it never failed to dispense a ball. The Teego is well designed, sturdy and a quality product that performs according to the claims made by the manufacturer. The Teego also works with/on a hitting mat with a rubber tee.

GolfTest USA enjoyed the opportunity to review the Teego. We believe it is a golf accessory that will benefit golfers to improve the quality and productivity of their practice sessions. We have awarded the Teego our GolfTest USA”Seal of Excellence” which we only award to products that we feel offer golf superior quality, value and performance.

For more information on Teego please visit their website at www.teego.com. Or call 1 800 MYTEEGO.

The Testing Staff at GolfTest USA