SureShot GPS Review July 2007

Conducted by GolfTest USAAs the result of rule changes made by the USGA, now allowing golfers to use GPS units, GolfTest USA received many requests to review several of the handheld GPS units currently on the market. One of the units that we considered was the SureShot GPS. We had 15 golfers use the SureShot to map their favorite course. The feedback we received on the SureShot GPS was very positive. The written instructions were detailed and the steps were clear and easy to follow. Golfers said it was easy to program and map a course. Once the unit was mapped it was easy to use on the course, and the on-screen menu was intuitive and easy to traverse. Everyone indicated that the SureShot GPS was very accurate and saved them a lot of time not having to hunt around for yardage markers. They felt that knowing the exact yardage made their club selection decisions easier and was helpful in lowering their scores. Golfers also felt that the pace of play improved as a result of not having to search for yardage markers.

Some of the features of the SureShot are noted here.
1. It automatically tells distance to the front, center & back of green and many other markers on each hole, such as bunkers, water hazards, etc.
2. Additional features on every hole can be added.
3. It has a “Shot distance feature” which shows how far each club is hit.
4. Golf course files can be downloaded from
5. The purchase price is all inclusive. During the first year, there is no additional charge for access to the golf course database.

This unit uses an internal rechargeable battery which is quickly recharged with the included battery charger. The fully-charged unit holds a charge for up to 13 hours.

In summary, GolfTest USA can state that the SureShot GPS is one of the best handheld GPS units on the market. It is a quality product that all golfers should consider before making a decision on which golf gps unit is right for them. One important note would be the price of the SureShot which is listed at $399.99. The price of the SureShot GPS appears to be a little more than the other gps units we reviewed, but when its large color screen and its feature-rich capabilities are taken into account, as well as the first-year free database subscription, it appears to provide a lot of value for the dollar. It is sure to cut a couple of strokes a round off any golfer’s game.

The SureShot GPS also can interact with ProLooper software ( to analyze a golfer’s game and help determine the areas in which a player can improve. This is a great feature for golfers who are serious about lowering their handicap.

 Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: small;”>GolfTest USA has confidently awarded the SureShot GPS our”Seal of Excellence”, indicating that it is a golf product which is of superior performance, quality and value.

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