Sun Mountain CLUBGLIDER Travel Golf Bag: March, 2010

A couple of years ago we watched with interest a new program on the Golf Channel called Fore Inventors Only. The program featured golf products that were innovative and cutting edge in the golf industry. The focus was on products that would be of interest to the average golfer. One product that stood out in our mind was a travel golf bag that claimed to make it easier to navigate through airports when lugging your golf clubs from point A to point B. The main feature was that the CLUBGLIDER had a set of recessed wheels that popped out at the flick of finger which then allowed the bag to stand upright and then was easily pulled along with minimal effort. While at the PGA show in Orlando in January of 2009 we saw that the inventor of the CLUBGLIDER had partnered with Sun Mountain to market it. We had tested some of Sun Mountain’s cart and carry bags in the past and knew that they made quality golf bags. We asked their public relations department if they were interested in letting us have a group of golfers evaluate the CLUBGLIDER when they were taking golf vacations. They were agreeable to our request and sent us two of their CLUBGLIDERs. We had 20 of our testers use the CLUBGLIDER while traveling by air and some just by car. The feedback we received was very positive on all aspects of the CLUBGLIDER. The testers felt the quality of the CLUBGLIDER was excellent. The zippers were heavy duty and works smoothly. The interior had extra room to pack other items. Several of the testers checked just the CLUBGLIDER in on their flights. That saved them from having to pay additional baggage fees to the airlines. They were able to pack their personal belongings such as clothing and toiletries because of the extra room. They were careful to make sure they weighed the CLUBGLIDER after it was packed to be sure it didn’t go over the airlines weight limit of 50 lbs per bag.The feature the testers commented on and liked the best was how easy it was to pop out the recessed wheels and then pull the CLUBGLIDER along with a minimum of effort. Another feature that pleased them was the ability to fold it up when storing it in the trunk of the car or in a closet in a hotel room. The CLUBGLIDER offered the protection of a hard rigid travel case without the difficulty of finding a place to store it when not in use.The CLUBGLIDER is extremely easy to maneuver. The testers liked the fact that CLUBGLIDER stood right next to them as they advanced through the line at check in. All of the testers said they would consider the CLUBGLIDER if they were in the market for a new travel bag. Half of them said it was a no brainer and would definitely be buying one soon.

The Sun Mountain CLUBGLIDER Travel Golf Bag easily meets our requirements to be awarded the GolfTest USA’s Seal of Excellence. As we like to say, “You are never sorry when you by the best”. We are also, without hesitation, awarding the CLUBGLIDER our coveted 5 STAR rating.

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The Testing Staff at GolfTest USA