Sonocaddie GPS Review – November 2007

Conducted by GolfTest USA

In 2007 GolfTest USA evaluated and reviewed several of the handheld GPS units that are currently on the market. One of the units that appear to have wide appeal is the Sonocaddie GPS. This unit uses two AA batteries as the power source as opposed to other units that have an internal rechargeable battery. We would suggest that golfers use rechargeable batteries to save on the cost of replacing the AA batteries every two or three rounds. We had several golfers use the Sonocaddie to map their favorite course. The feedback we received about the features and the operation of the Sonocaddie was very positive. Golfers reported that it was easy to follow the instructions for mapping a course. Once the unit was mapped it was easy to use during a round of golf and saved them time by not having to hunt for yardage markers. Some comments were made that it would be nice to have the yardage to front, center and back of the green a little larger on the screen. Feedback indicated that the Sonocaddie GPS was very accurate. Golfers said the Sonocaddie helped them make the right club selection on each shot which translated into lower scores. The golfers testing it liked being able to tell how far they hit their drives with just the touch of a button.

Sonocaddie offers free downloads of over 15,000 courses while other companies usually charge a one time or annual subscription fee for that service.

We found the customer service staff at Sonocaddie to be very responsive to any questions or issues that arose during the test and review we conducted. We feel this is an important factor when deciding to purchase any electronic product.

Some of the features of the Sonocaddie are noted here. This information was gathered from the Sonocaddie website.

Distance to Green and Critical Target
Measures the distance from any point on the course to bunkers, water hazards or other targets. You can play better and enjoy the game more when you know exactly what you are up against.

Distance to Green
Displays the distance from any location to the green, even without a clear line of sight, thus minimizing errors in your shot selections.

Personalized Course Target Setting
Sonocaddie’s friendly interface allows you to generate new course coordinates or edit existing ones according to your personal preferences in a matter of seconds.

Driving Distance
How far did you hit your driver? 270 or 280 yards? Now discover the precise yardage without guessing and learn how different course terrain or weather conditions influence your play.

Digital Scorecard
Replace your paper scorecard. The Sonocaddie will automatically calculate your total score with the simple touch of a button.

Easy Access to Courses Information
Users can access and upload or download information on golf courses around the world for free at

Share Course Information Among Sonocaddies
You can easily share information about your favorite courses to other players via your Sonocaddie’s data cable. Its transmission makes Sonocaddie convenient and may even help to win a few friends before your round.

*A much more manageable size than PDAs or rangefinders.
*Free 24/7/365 GPS service

In summary, GolfTest USA can state that the Sonocaddie GPS is a quality product that all golfers should consider before making a decision on which golf gps unit is right for them.

GolfTest USA has confidently awarded the Sonocaddie GPS our”Seal of Excellence”, indicating that it is a golf product which is of superior performance, quality and value.

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