Quik Shade Custom Canopy Tent Review / January 2009

Last year GolfTest USA needed to replace our old canopy tent we used at our testing facility. We needed to get a good quality canopy tent that was durable, light weight and sturdy that would stand up to the wind and abuse that we would be putting it through several days a week. We looked at several companies who offered commercial grade canopy tents. We focused on one company called Quik Shade mainly because of the variety of configurations that they offered and their ability to do custom graphics. One of the requirements we were also looking for was a larger tent that could be raised up high enough so that our testers could stand under it and still have clearance to swing a driver. Sure enough Quik Shade had just developed a larger and higher tent that met our needs. We decided to order a standard 10’ by 10’ canopy tent that we would use at our testing center when we tested putters, wedges and training aids. In addition we ordered three side panels to provide protection from the wind and sun. We also ordered their new 10’ by 15’ model for use on the driving range. We provided graphics of our logo and our “GOLFTEST USA SEAL OF EXCELLENCE” to Quik Shade so they could work up some samples of how the graphics would appear on the canopy top and side panels. After reviewing several of their excellent suggestions we settled on the one that showed our logo on the side panels and our seal on the canopy top. We were very pleased with how easy it was to communicate with Quik Shade and have the tents configured to our requirements. When we received the tents we were very satisfied with the overall quality of the tents and also how easy they were to operate.

The following information was taken from the Quik Shade website.

Quik Shade – Instant Shade
Quik Shade delivers instant shade canopies that are easy to set up and collapse, making them perfect for everyday use. Quik Shade products are designed and built with quality and affordability in mind, and come in a variety of colors and grades to match any specific use. Instant shade made easy only with Quik Shade.

Whether you’re out working on the car under a Quik Shade pop-up canopy, keeping cool in the desert while riding dirt bikes with friends, or just relaxing at the beach, Quik Shade enclosures have you covered – literally. From the recreational series to the specific use models, Quik Shade is the number one choice for high-quality, long-lasting affordable shade canopies.

If you would like to watch a video that GolfTest USA made of the Quik Shade Canopy Tent they sent us please click on the following the link on YouTube:


Below is a picture of the large 10’ by 15’ canopy tent from Quik Shade.

GolfTest USA is pleased to award Quik Shade Canopy Tents our “Seal of Excellence”, indicating that it is a product which is of superior performance, quality and value.

For more information about products made by Quik Shade Custom go towww.quikshadecustom.com.