Proprietary Testing

To discuss the testing of your golf products, contact:

Wayne Williams
GolfTest USA
Green Valley, AZ 85622
Phone: 520-393-8624
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GolfTest USA can design and conduct a proprietary, independent, third-party private data test to meet any needs or requirements you may have. Proprietary test results remain the property of your organization and are not disseminated to any other party unless directed by you to do so.

Golf companies spend time, money and resources to develop new products, and most conduct extensive in-house testing. We feel it may be equally, if not more, important to conduct unbiased, independent third-party testing to validate your internal results. Conducting third-party testing helps golf companies identify the strengths of a product and assists in determining which areas of the product can be improved. These types of tests constitute a small fraction of the overall cost to bring a product to market and yet may well be the most important final step in the process. eBay is filled with golf products that failed to find a market in the retail golf arena because no market research and testing were conducted prior to their introduction to the golfing public.

GolfTest USA can provide a no-obligation quote of the estimated cost of such a test. Each proprietary test is unique so there are many factors we need to take into account before we can give an accurate cost estimate. We offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed testing program with any proprietary testing that we do for clients. We guarantee our services, so that if you are not completely satisfied, there is no cost to you. We are confident you will find that GolfTest USA offers the most professional, comprehensive and cost-effective testing services in the golf industry. Once a test is complete and you have received our summary report and are satisfied with our services, we can post a summary report on our website with a link to your website. We are widely recognized as the most credible, independent and unbiased testing company in the golf industry.

GolfTest USA has conducted testing for all major golf companies and manufacturers. We do not receive any advertising revenue from any organization. Many golf companies generate substantial sales as the result of having their summary test reports seen by the more than 2 million page visits to each month. For any product we judge to be of superior quality, performance and value, we award it the GolfTest USA Seal of Excellence. You are free to use the GolfTest USA “Seal of Excellence” in any promotional or advertising material.

GolfTest USA knows that having a product tested and rated by real golfers in an independent and unbiased format will help golf consumers determine which golf products would be right for them. A golfer considering the purchase of a golf product that has been awarded the GolfTest USA Seal of Excellence can feel confident that it will be a quality product.