ProPlay Glove and Grip Fitting System Review: June 2008

GolfTest USA had spoken with Balance Certified Golf on a few occasions over the past year about the possibility of conducting a proprietary test on their new Pro-Balance System. We agreed to do a preliminary test in which we took 10 golfers of varying skill levels and fitted each golfer’s putter and driver with the Pro-Balance System. We asked them to play 10 rounds and then tell us how they like using the Pro-Balance System. While we did not compile any actual results from specific criteria we did get feedback that we felt produced some interesting results. 7 of the 10 golfers indicated they felt it helped them improve their driving and putting significantly and would like to have the Pro-Balance System installed on all their clubs. 2 golfers felt it made a positive impact on their game though they could not quantify how much the Pro-Balance System helped them improve their driving and putting. Only one golfer in the group indicated that he could not get comfortable having the Pro-Balance System installed on his driver and putter and didn’t feel it would be something that would help him improve his game. While these results from a limited pool of testers tend to remain anecdotal, our impression is that the claims made by Balance Certified Golf about their Pro-Balance System is that it is a product that deserves serious consideration as a game improvement product.To find out more about the Pro-Balance System go to: