Adams Redline RPM 460D

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Product Description

Distance: Each tester rated how far they hit each driver.
Control: Testers rated how much control they felt they had while hitting each driver.
Accuracy: Testers rated how accurate they felt each driver was.
Forgiveness: Testers rated how forgiving the driver was on off center hits.
Sound: Testers rated how did they liked the sound of each club.
Appearance: Testers rated how much they liked the appearance of the club.
Feel: Testers rated the feel of the club at set up, during the swing and at impact.
Ball flight (Trajectory): Testers rated how they liked the trajectory of the ball off the club?
Recommend to others:The testers were asked to rate how strongly they would recommend each driver to their friends or other golfers.
Overall Rating: The testers were asked to take into consideration what is important to them in a driver and give it an overall rating. (This is not an average of the other criteria).
Overall Average: A final category was added at the request of Golf Illustrated which is the average of the 10 criteria rated by the testers. We feel this average helps to give golfers an indication of how each club performed taking into account all of the criteria in the test.

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