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Golf Tee Test Criteria
1: Do you feel this tee helps improve the distance of your drives?
2: How easy is it to insert this tee into the ground?
3: Rate how much you like the design of this tee.
4: Rate how durable this tee is.
5: Rate how Eco friendly you feel this tee is.
6: Does this tee help you maintain a consistent ball height?
7: How easy is it to place the ball on this tee?
8: Is this tee helpful in fixing ball marks and cleaning the grooves on clubs?
9: Rate how strongly you would recommend this tee to other golfers.
10: Taking in account all the factors that are important to you in a tee rate it overall? 

Overall Average: Once we compiled the results from the 60 testers we averaged all the 10 criteria to come up with an Overall Average for each tee. This number can be compared to see which tees rated the highest taking into account all the criteria in the test. When comparing the Overall Average it is important to keep in mind that one criterion for a particular tee may have an adverse negative effect when we calculated the Overall Average. Some examples follow.

1: A tee like the Zero Friction tee is designed to reduce friction thus increasing distance but in the process it is more difficult to easily place the ball on it because of its three prong design.

2: Because of the Brush Tee and Royal Tee designs they are not suitable to use for repairing ball marks.

3: The SuperAir tee has a very thin shaft which is fragile thus affecting it Durability rating.

To see how the tees were stack ranked in each criterion please click on the top of each column you wish to view.

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