Mind Drive Summary Report: July 2006

In May of 2006 GolfTest USA was contracted to conduct a test of Mind Drive. Mind Drive claims to be a dietary supplement that is designed to enhance several facets of personal performance and well being. It is intended to be of benefit to golfers in particular, as it is designed to improve muscle memory, focus and concentration and lower stress levels.50 golfers and 10 non golfers participated in the test. At the conclusion of the test GolfTest USA picked 50 evaluations from the 60 evaluations turned in based on how fair, unbiased and thoroughly each tester completed the test and the evaluation form.

Golfers answered a series of pre test questions and then were asked to play 8 rounds of golf during a one month period while taking Mind Drive according to the prescribed directions. After the 8 rounds of golf were played they were asked to answer another series of questions and to evaluate and rate how effective they felt Mind Drive helped them during the rounds of golf they played. Non golfers were asked to evaluate what improvement in their overall well being they felt during the one month period they took Mind Drive.

Prior to the test GolfTest USA projected that it was likely that 20% + or – 5% of the golfers participating in the test would report positive results while taking Mind Drive.

The following results were compiled from the evaluations of the test group using Mind Drive.

Question #1: Did you feel that taking Mind Drive helped you play better golf?
26 out of 50 testersindicated that they felt Mind Driver helped them play better golf.

Question # 2: Did you feel that taking Mind Drive helped lower your score?
20 testers who took Mind Drive felt it helped them lower their score.

Question # 3: Did you feel that taking Mind Drive device lowered your stress level?
27 testers felt that taking Mind Drive helped them lower their stress.

Question # 4: Do you feel that taking Mind Drive device helped you to focus and concentrate better?
26 testers said that taking Mind Drive helped them focus and concentrate better.

Question # 5: Do you want to continue using Mind Drive?
22 of the testers stated they would like to continue using Mind Drive.

Question # 6: If you felt that Mind Drive helped you to lower your score, how many strokes per round on average do you feel it help you to improve?
26 golfers which is more that half the testers felt that they lowered their golf scores during the month they took Mind Drive. The average lower score was 2 strokes per round while several of the testers showed improvement of 4 to 5 strokes. While not every golfer would have these results it is a significant indicator in predicting that the majority of golfers would benefit from taking Mind Drive which would translate into lower golf scores. Even an improvement of 2 strokes per round for any golfer no matter their skill level is a significant improvement.

Final Summary
Our overall evaluation based on the results compiled in this test is that Mind Drive will help a majority of golfers play better golf, lower their scores, lower their stress level, focus and concentrate better. An impressive 60% of the testers reported positive results while taking Mind Drive.
The results of the test were very positive. One of the testers that reported the most improved results was Peggy Sullenberger. Since she began taking Mind Drive two months ago she has lowered her USGA handicap from 12 to 8. That is a 50% improvement over an already low handicap. Recently she broke the course record for women at her home course shooting a 71 while using Mind Drive The course record at Green Valley Country Club had stood for 35 years.

GolfTest USA is awarding Mind Drive our GolfTest USA Seal of Excellence. The positive results that Mind Drive achieved far exceeded our projections. Given the category of products that Mind Drive is in as a dietary supplement that is designed to help golfers improve their focus, concentration and muscle memory we do not take awarding the GolfTest USA Seal of Excellence lightly. We do not want any golfers to be disappointed in any product they use based on the recommendation of test results from GolfTest USA.

For more information about Mind Drive go to http://www.mind-sports.com.