Melanin Sun Glasses: Test and Review / September, 2004

Over the past couple of years during our travels to many golf product shows around the country GolfTest USA has seen a lot of different models of sun glasses. We found one company in particular that caught our interest. That company is Melanin Vision Center. We often get requests from golfers asking our advice on which sunglasses would be good to use while playing golf. We have never done any testing on sunglasses so we decided to ask Melanin Vision Center if they would be interested in providing GolfTest USA with 25 pair of sunglasses that we would distribute to golfers and then have them offer their evaluation on several criteria that we felt were important to golfers. Melanin Vision Center promotes their sunglasses as having many benefits that are not found in ordinary sunglasses so we also asked the golfers to give us feedback on several of the claims made by them.
We had 25 golfers use the Melanin sun glasses for two months during their rounds of golf. They were also encouraged to use them during other everyday activities. We then had them rate several criteria on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being best). Following is the summary of the results.(1) Quality: Averaged an excellent 8.8
(2) Appearance and Style: scored a 7.9
(3) Durability: was an impressive 8.7
(4) Comfort: averaged an 8.1
(5) Fit: scored an 8.0
(6) Eased eye strain: received an 8.5
(7) Preserved color: rated an 8.3
(8) Reduce glare: averaged a strong 8.6
(9) Overall Rating: was a very solid 8.6

Many of the golfers who participated in the test made comments indicating that wearing the Melanin sun glasses helped them play better golf. After reviewing the test results GolfTest USA feels that the Melanin sun glasses are quality sun glasses whose protection, appearance, fit, and durability makes these sun glasses a good value for golfers who want to play better golf and improved protection from the sun’s harmful effects.

We have awarded Melanin sun glasses GolfTest USA’s “Seal Of Excellence”.
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