MEE Golf Cart Enclosure Review/April, 2002

Earlier in the year GolfTest USA received requests from many golfers for testing and reviews on golf gloves. One of the companies we contacted was Vero Golf. They market a golf glove that has the middle two fingers sewn together which the company claims keeps the fingers properly aligned which results in better aligned shots and an improved grip. (This glove is not USGA approved). The manufacturer tells us that later in the year they will be coming out with a standard model glove that does not have the middle two fingers joined together.We had 20 golfers use the V Grip Glove for ten rounds and then we had them rate several criteria on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being best). Following is the summary of the results.(1) Quality: Averaged a solid 8.5
(2) Appearance: was an excellent 9.0
(3) Durability: was a 8.0
(4) Comfort: averaged an 8.1
(5) Fit: scored an 8.0
(6) Improved Grip: averaged a 6.8
(7) Overall Rating: was a good 8.1

Following are some comments made by the golfers who used the V Grip Glove: ¨

  • “This glove is cool and comfortable”.
  • “The joined fingers provided a better grip and helped position the club properly in my hands”.
  • “This glove has outlasted any glove I have used in the past”.
  • “I really don’t see the need for the conjoined fingers”.
  • “It really helped me swing through the ball”.

After reviewing the test results GolfTest USA feels that the V Grip Glove is a quality glove whose appearance, fit, and durability makes this a glove that golfers will find to be a good value.

GolfTest USA gives the V Grip Glove a Birdie rating.

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