IZZO High Roller Travel Golf Bag / July 2008

In light of the new restrictions on checked in baggage at many airlines golfers have requested we test and review several of the new golf travel bags. We contacted companies who market golf travel bags and asked them to submit their products for our review. One of the models submitted by IZZO really caught our eye. We decided we would do a separate review on the IZZO High Roller Travel Golf Bag so golfers could find out about all its neat and special features.IThe interior of the High Roller has loads of room to store a full size golf bag filled with a complete complement of clubs, balls, shoes and other golf accessories. There are zippered pockets inside to store other things that you would need on your much anticipated golf trip. Once all the important golf items are packed there is still plenty of room to pack your clothes and other essentials. This fact is very important to consider in light of the new restrictions on checked baggage. In fact, many of the golfers who tested the High Roller did just that eliminating the need to check a second bag and thus avoiding the dreaded surcharge. The only thing you have to be careful of is not going over the 50 weight limit most airlines have per bag.

There are also zippered storage sections on the outside of the bag for those things you may need easy access to. There is a full length zipper which goes completely around the bag so loading your clubs is a snap.
The High Roller has all the benefits of a hard case unit without the obvious drawback, which is where do I store it once I have arrived at my destination. Amazingly the High Roller easily folds up into a very compact space which you can then store in a closet or corner of your hotel room.

IZZO provides a Golf Club Protection Guarantee so if any of your clubs are damaged in transit they will repair them at no charge. What a deal!!! However we think the likely hood of that happening is slim and none. None of the golfers who used the High Roller reported any problems or damage to their clubs.

The High Roller is extremely easy to pull on its large rollers and it also has 4 additional rollers on the bottom which allows it to stand vertical while you are waiting in line at the airport check in. Thus it glides easily next to you as you meander thru the maize on your journey to the ticket counter. That is very cool as it saves bending over every few feet to pick it up as you creep forward in line.

The quality of the High Roller is very high and well worth the investment if you are looking for a travel golf bag that will meet all your needs and give you peace of mind that your golf clubs will be safe when they are out of your sight.
The IZZO High Roller Travel Golf Bag easily meets our requirements to be awarded the GolfTest USA’s Seal of Excellence. It is a golf product which is of superior performance, quality and value.

For more information on The IZZO High Roller Travel Golf Bag go to www.izzo.com