Invisible Club Guard Test and Review June / 2002

While the GolfTest USA staff was perusing the never-ending aisles of golf products at the PGA Golf Show in January of this year we came across a product that was of strong interest to us. We test several hundred drivers a year. During the testing process each club invariably takes quite a beating and shows the signs of over 1000 shots on the driving range. The majority of the equipment we test is subsequently donated to youth golf programs so we want the equipment to be in good condition when we are through testing. We have tried putting tape on the heads of the drivers but this has not been very effective and is disconcerting to the golfers during testing.

We contacted Invisible Club Guard (ICG) and asked them to provide us with a supply of their product. They agreed and sent us everything that we needed to install the product on our test drivers. ICG is designed to prevent scuffmarks and damage to the top surface of woods. ICG is a clear, protective coating that stretches over the top surface of a club, protecting it from dings, scratches and scuffs. We watched a videotape that explains the installation steps needed to insure that ICG is properly installed. There is a technique that needs to be developed to become proficient at installing it so that it is smooth and bubble free. It took us about ten drivers before we could feel that we were competent at installing the ICG to get the desired final appearance. We found that the product performs exactly as stated in their promotional brochure.

After testing several hundred clubs with the ICG installed we had no clubs that showed any signs of scratches, scuffs or wear where the ICG covered the top of the club. We found that we could remove the ICG if we wanted to after testing was complete (though this is not necessary) and the top of the driver looked as good as new.

This is a product that we believe should be offered at all golf stores and pro shops whenever a new driver or fairway wood is purchased as an option to the golfer who wants to maintain their clubs in a like new condition. Golf courses would also be wise to use this product on all their rental clubs to protect their appearance and pro shops could protect the investment they have in their demo clubs that they loan out to golfers. This in not a product that the average golfer should consider installing themselves as we found out it takes 10 or 15 installations before one feels comfortable at insuring that it is installed properly. We are told by the manufacturer that the cost per club is typically in the $10 to $15 range retail when installed by an experienced individual (the wholesale cost for material is considerably less) and we feel that most golfers, pro shops and golf courses will find this to be an excellent investment considering the current cost of golf clubs.

GolfTest USA rates the Invisible Club Guard an EAGLE.

For more information contact Invisible Club Guard at 208 667 6611 or go online to