Innovations Golf ClearBall Putter Test Results!! November/2012

Innovations Golf ClearBall Putter Test Results!! November/2012 

GolfTest USA was retained by Innovations Golf Company to develop the testing protocol and methodology and then conduct a test in two parts comparing the ClearBall Putter against each tester’s own current putter.


GolfTest USA had 30 golfers participate in the test and out of those 30 golfers we picked the 25 golfers who we believe completed the test in a fair and unbiased manner to ensure that the results represent the actual performance and evaluations of all the testers.


Prior to beginning the test each tester was shown the alignment features of the Clearball putter and why it was important to be sure that they were in the correct address position to get the most benefit when putting with the Clearball putter. They were also given ample time to practice with the Clearball putter prior to beginning the test.


Test Methodology Part One: You will be making 4 putts from each of 3 putting stations. You will be asked to compare the ClearBall Putter to the putter you have been using over the last month.  During the test you should be focusing on how each of the two putters performs based on your unbiased opinion. Do your best to not let any preconceived perceptions influence your ratings. After you have made all the putts with both putters you are to complete this evaluation form in a fair and unbiased manner.

Following are the criteria you will be rating on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being best.

Distance Control: rate how much distance control you had with each putter.
Alignment: rate the alignment characteristics of the putter.
Accuracy: rate how accurate each putter was.
Forgiveness: rate how forgiving the putter was.
Sound: rate how you liked the sound of each putter.
Appearance: rate the appearance of the putter.
Feel: rate the feel of the putter during the putting stroke.
Design: rate the design features of the putter.
Recommend to others: rate how strongly would recommend each putter to other golfers.
Overall Rating: rate each putter taking into consideration what is important to you in a putter.


GolfTest USA will be measuring each putt and recording the distance from the hole after the ball has come to rest. A 0 will be recorded for a ball that goes in the hole.

The first station will be a 10 foot putt straight in.

The second station will be a 15 foot putt with a left to right break.

The third station will be a 20 foot putt with a right to left break.

Part One Test Results.

The average of the testers using the ClearBall putter was 14.3 feet while the average using their own putter was 17.5 feet. The ClearBall putter performed 22% better than each tester’s own putter. Normally in this type of test a 5 to 10% better result would show that substantial improvement was made with the test putter. Thus a 22% better result shows that the design features of the ClearBall helped the testers dramatically perform better with it. 18 of the 25 testers had the same or better results using the ClearBall putter in the test again showing how well it performed across all the testers.

Part Two Test Results.

When testers counted the putts they made from 8 feet the average number of putts made with their putter was 4.7 putts made out of 10. The testers made 5.3 putts on average using putting with the Clearball putter. That is 13% better than their own putter on average. Again 13% is a statistical significant number showing the improved performance of golfer when using the Clearball putter. 19 of the 25 testers made the same or more putts with the Clearball putter.


Following are the result averages of the testers own evaluation of how they felt they performed during the test.


Please rate the following criteria on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being best:

1: Distance Control: ClearBall Putter:__7.9___ Your Putter__7.9___

2: Alignment:            ClearBall Putter:__9.1___ Your Putter__7.4___

3: Accuracy:              ClearBall Putter:__8.1___ Your Putter__7.6___

4: Forgiveness:         ClearBall Putter:__7.5___ Your Putter__6.6___

5: Sound:                   ClearBall Putter:__8.0___ Your Putter__6.6___

6: Appearance:          ClearBall Putter:__8.6___ Your Putter__7.5___

7: Feel:                       ClearBall Putter:__8.4___ Your Putter__8.4___

8: Design:                   ClearBall Putter:__8.9___ Your Putter__7.4___

9: Recommend:         ClearBall Putter:__8.3___ Your Putter__7.1___

10: Overall Rating:    ClearBall Putter:__8.7___ Your Putter__7.6___


Following are the number of the testers who chose the Clearball Putter, their own putter or the same during the test for each of the 10 criteria evaluated.


Please answer the following questions based on which putter you like the best between the ClearBall Putter and the Your Putter by placing an X next to your choice. If you liked them the same please chose “The Same”.


1: Distance Control: ClearBall Putter:__11___ Your Putter__6___ The Same__8___

2: Alignment:            ClearBall Putter:__22___ Your Putter__2___ The Same__1___

3: Accuracy:              ClearBall Putter:__12___ Your Putter__4___ The Same__9___

4: Forgiveness:         ClearBall Putter:__16___ Your Putter__4___ The Same__5___

5: Sound:                   ClearBall Putter:__13___ Your Putter__3___ The Same__9___

6: Appearance:          ClearBall Putter:__16___ Your Putter__2___ The Same__7___

7: Feel:                       ClearBall Putter:__10__  Your Putter__8___ The Same___7__

8: Design:                  ClearBall Putter:__16___ Your Putter__2___ The Same___7__

9: Recommend:        ClearBall Putter:__15___ Your Putter__0___ The Same___10__

10: Overall Rating:   ClearBall Putter:__14___ Your Putter__4___ The Same___7__


Following are the write in comments made by the testers after completing the test.


What did you like best about the ClearBall Putter?


Easy alignment



Helps me get the right stance


Alignment system

Alignment lines

View & Alignment

Sound, appearance, ease of alignment

Feel & weight

Alignment of Black & White

Alignment and distance control.  Appearance

Squaring up the face with the black and white lines

Alignment, ball goes exactly where you aim

2 alignment lines in clear window

The alignment of the black/white line

Sense of alignment and confidence

Once you get used to the set up and how to align clear ball clearly better

Sound of hitting the ball


Sound, seemed easier to use lot time-easy to square at line up

Sound & alignment aid

The lines help me align better

Black & white lines that help align

Accuracy, easy to line up the putts

I could tell immediately if I was over the ball

Like the weight

Alignment system



Final Summary

In summary, the objective results and subjective evaluations completed by the testers showed clearly that the ClearBall Putter performed at a much higher level than the testers’ own putters in this test. The testers rated the alignment feature of the ClearBall Putter at a very high level. Rarely is a rating of over 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 achieved when using a sample size of 25 or more participants. A rating of 9.1 was achieved in the very important Alignment criterion. The ClearBall Putter is designed to help golfers ensure that they are in the proper address position and aligned to the correct line and the hole prior to making a putt.  Another key rating was the Appearance criterion which scored very high. It is also noteworthy that the Overall Rating criterion was so positive especially in relation to the rating the testers gave to their own current putter. The results of the test confirmed conclusively that the design features of the ClearBall putter offers superior performance that will help almost all golfers putt better and reduce the number of putts they make per round. Skilled golfers got excellent results using the ClearBall Putter. But where the ClearBall Putter really stood out was with average to poor golfers who have trouble with their putting. The test results showed that these golfers were able to make more putts from inside ten feet using the ClearBall versus the golfer’s own putter in the test. Also, the results show that putts made from longer range ended up closer to the hole resulting in fewer three putt greens. Based on the results of the test we are confident that most golfers will be able to improve their putting and lower their scores.


We are pleased to award the ClearBall Putter our coveted GolfTest USA “Seal of Excellence”.

GolfTest USA Seal Of Excellance

GolfTest USAis also awarding the ClearBall Putter our 5 Star rating based on the results achieved in this test. The 5 Star Rating is only given to a few select products we test where the results show that it is clearly superior to other similar golf products. We are confident that golfers who use the ClearBall putter will find that they are using a golf product that will live up to the claims made by Innovations Golf and it will certainly help golfers putt better and lower their overall score per round. The objective results speak for themselves.


For more information about the ClearBall Putter please go to the Innovations Golf website at