Swedge Swing Training Aid produces positive results.

The Avid Golf Company has developed a simple and effective swing training aid called the Swedge that everyone can afford and use to improve their distance, accuracy and tempo.

GolfTest USA has tested many swing training aids in the past twelve years but we have never seen one that was as easy to use and produced such positive results for most of our testers as the Swedge Training Aid. One of the best features of the Swedge Training Aid is that you can practice with it anytime. You don’t even have to be at the range hitting balls. You can swing anywhere with a club and the Swedge under your arm. It requires no time to set up. You can practice for a minute or longer without having to plan ahead.  One of the most important attributes of the Swedge Training Aid is that it is so affordable and everyone can get one and keep it handily attached to your golf bag to use anytime your swing gets “out of sorts”.

For more info on the Swedge Swing Training Aid click here! http://avidgolfusa.com/