iGolf GPS Caddie II Review / April 2008

The original iGolf GPS Caddie that GolfTest USA reviewed in 2007 was very easy to operate and was moderately priced.Its replacement, the Caddie II has added some well thought out changes, along with numerous new features at a price that is well below other comparable competitive models. The display screen is larger and the font is much easier to read. Testers found that the readings were more accurate with fewer fluctuations.

The Caddie II uses AA batteries and will also accommodate rechargeable AA batteries which can be a big plus vs. other units that require an expensive replacement of the built in rechargeable battery.

The Map Hole feature now permits a player to mark new custom points while playing a hole. This is a time saving and very convenient feature to have. The one touch, shot distance feature is included on the main display where previously it required a three-step process. Greenside bunker, hazards and other distances are included in downloads. Eight user added custom points are available in addition to the downloaded information. Having this feature allows a golfer to customize each hole based on what distances are important to know when playing each hole.

Overall iGolf has dramatically improved the Caddie II over their original model. Based on the operation and features of the Caddie II it is clearly the most value oriented full featured golf gps unit on the market. GolfTest USA has determined that the new iGolf Caddie II GPS is a quality product that all golfers should consider before making a decision on which golf gps unit is right for them. One important note would be the price of the iGolf which is listed at $229.99. The price of the iGolf Caddie GPS makes it the clear winner for value.

GolfTest USA has awarded the iGolf GPS Caddie II our”Seal of Excellence”, indicating that it is a golf product which is of superior performance, quality and value.

For more information about the iGolf GPS II go to www.igolf.com.