GPS QUICK CLIP Golf Accessory Review

GPSQUICKCLIP Golf Accessory Review

The GPSQuickClip™ is a universal mount for attaching a golf GPS or laser rangefinder unit to the steel window frame/roof support of any current model motorized golf cart.  The clip holds your GPS securely by means of a small but powerful neodymium magnet with 50 pounds of pull, and is compatible with GPS units produced by all the leading GPS manufacturers.

A couple of years ago GolfTest USA received two samples of the GPSQuickClip from the company that makes them. The Testing Director and Test Administrator started to each use one to secure their GPS units to their carts. Based on their observations of the  GPSQuickClip we have compiled the following review.


The GPSQuickClip is unlike the typical fixed GPS mounting bracket, which once fastened is quite stationary, and not very easily removed, in order to mount it elsewhere.

The GPSQuickClip on the other hand can be secured on any metal part of the golf cart, and is secured in place by a very strong magnet, (which takes 50 lbs. of pull to disengage) and it will not come loose unless you pull it off. The unit has no moving parts that could cause future problems or failures, and comes fully assembled, and requires no hardware whatsoever for immediate installation.

It is compatible with all popular GPS models. Your GPS is always visible, and within easy reach, and is quickly inserted or removed from clip, in order to take it to your shot for maximum accuracy.

Also included with the GPSQuickClip is an adhesive backed attachable button, for those units that don’t come already fitted with one, in order to slip the unit into the GPSQuickClip docking slot.

It comes with a lifetime warrantee, and best of all, it’s made in the good old USA.

The name says it all; it is quickly accessible at all times.

In light of the positive review and the quality of the GPSQuickClip GolfTest USA is pleased to award it our coveted GolfTest USA “Seal of Excellence”.

GolfTest USA Seal Of Excellance

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