Golf Grips / May 2012

For the past couple of years GolfTest USA has received many requests from golfers asking us to test shafts and grips. We have resisted embarking on such a test because to the logistics, time and effort we knew it would take us. Late in 2002 we finally relented and contacted several of the shaft and grips companies and received commitments from some of them. Winn, Golf Pride, Royal and Karakal participated in the grip test. We want to thank them for their support and participation. Even though we allocated lots of time and manpower to complete the test, as we suspected it took us much longer to complete than even we imagined. We reshafted and regripped over 200 sets of clubs and had golfers play 10 rounds. They then evaluated the criteria we had established for the test. We hope that golfers will find the results useful in helping to determine and narrow down what grips would be good for them to try.Let us know if there are other grips you would like us to test and we will contact the manufacturers and see if they will participate in our next testing cycle.

Please click here to see the grips for clubs results.

Please click here to see the grips for putters results.