Flex Tee Test and Review

Recently GolfTest USA received several “Request a Test” emails from visitors to our website asking us to review a new golf accessory called the “Flex Tee”. This product is designed to replace the standard golf tee. We contacted the manufacturer of Flex Tee and they were kind enough to provide us with 50 sets of the Flex Tee so that we could conduct our own test to evaluate it.The following information was taken from the Flex Tee website and helps to explain what the Flex Tee does and its attributes.

A set of Flex Tees retails for $14.95 and comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee; if for any reason you are not satisfied with the performance of your Flex Tee purchase, just return them for a full refund. Flex Tees are guaranteed not to scratch your driver or break from normal use for 1 year. You have nothing to loose except strokes of your score while adding consistency to your game and distance to all your drives with High Performance Flex Tees.

“Allowable under the Rules of Golf” USGA decision 2000-126 State of the art surface golf tee. “pat pend” “Allowable under the Rules of Golf” USGA Decision 2000-126 Official ruling on Flex Tees! First golf tee ever to quantify tee height like your irons or woods are. The Flex Tee Height System incorporates 10 tee height graduations. #0, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9.

This amazing Flex Tee Height system of standard sizes will accommodate most golfers’ common tee height needs.

This unique numbering system allows you to consistently repeat your optimum tee height every time! Accurately raises or lowers tee height to adjust to course conditions. Provides stable elevated wide support for a ball. How do the Japanese say it… “Wider is better!”

Zero resistance at impact! (Wooden tees break at 35 to 45 lbs of pressure) Flex Tee will not scratch your golf equipment!

Flex Tee is the latest significant innovation in golf since soft spikes! Sports commentators will now be able to report what club a professional golfer is using and how high he is teeing it up when he is using Flex Tees! Flex Tee hits clean every time!

Flex Tee can be easily picked up, after you tee off by using the butt of your golf club. Saves your back!

Teaching Aid #1 The numbered tee height system is useful for teaching pros giving instructions for accurate tee height adjustments.

Teaching Aid #2 Flex Tee will let you know about your swing plane. Flex Tee always fly forward at impact because it is so light it gets caught in the vacuum of your club head thus showing you the direction of your swing plane. Another great tool for the teaching professional.

Teaching Aid #3 Flex Tee will let you know about proper tee height also. If you impact the golf ball and miss the tee Flex Tee will hardly move. In order to impact the ball in the sweet spot of the club head you must impact a small portion of a golf tee. Flex Tee will travel 3 to 8 feet forward. If you impact under or too low you will hit the ball high and short, causing a ballooning effect to the shot and Flex Tee will travel 15 to 20 feet forward. Again a great tool for the teaching pro. With high velocities and impacts taking place so quickly it would take expensive high-speed photography to demonstrate what Flex Tee will show you by its inherent results. Truly a high performance golf tee! Unbreakable! Flex Tee can take tens of thousands of impacts without breaking! Flex Tee comes with a 1-year warranty, but should last you season after season!

GolfTest USA distributed 50 sets of the Flex Tee to average handicap golfers and asked them to use the Flex Tee for 5 rounds of golf and then complete a test form that asked them to rate several criteria on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being best. GolfTest USA complied the feedback from the test and following are the results from the criteria we asked them to evaluate and their comments.

Flex Tee Test Ratings and Results

“Ease of Use” averaged a 4.
“Practicality” averaged a 5.
“Would continue to use in place of standard tee” averaged 3.
“Use as a training aid” averaged an 8.
“Increased distance over standard tee” averaged a 6.
“Overall rating” averaged a 5.

Comments made by golfers

“It was a great idea at first but I found that the unevenness of the grass on a tee made if difficult to stand up and when the wind blew it was almost impossible.”

“To hard to set up.”

“Helped me to see how high to tee the ball for different irons on par threes.”

“Found if difficult to set up. Band wouldn’t stay open. I had to fiddle with the different sizes in my pocket, took time to get correct band.”

“Fits easily in pocket. Easier to find. Goes quite a way sometimes. Sometimes a little tricky to get ball to stay put-especially on uneven/long grass.”

“Nice training aid to help determine the right height to tee ball on drives.”

“The problem I had is that all the different length grass on tee boxes causes different teeing heights and it was a pain trying to find the right size. If all tee boxes were flat and hard you could use the same one and they would be great.”

“Helped me adjust my swing plane. Provides immediate feedback on club impact to ball.”

“Being made of rubber, they got hung up in my pocket and tangled up with the other stuff.”

GolfTest USA Evaluation
After looking at the results of the test and the comments made we have made the following conclusions. Most of the golfers felt that it was difficult to keep the band (flex tee) open while placing the ball on it. They also thought it was difficult to keep it balanced on the grass when the tee box was not completely flat and even. Golfers liked the training aid aspect of the flex tee. It helped them determine the right height to tee the ball and if their swing was coming from the inside out or outside in.

We were not able to determine if there is an actual increase in driving distance as the result of using the Flex Tee. (Some golfers felt they had longer drives using the Flex Tee)

We found the Flex Tee to be an interesting innovation. We feel it is most useful as a training aid. It has a reasonable retail cost of $15. We feel that most golfers would benefit from its use.

The Flex Tee can be used from time to time to help a golfer improve their game. Most of the golfers in the test indicated that they would not use the Flex Tee in place of the standard tee on a regular basis. We want to thank Flex Tee for allowing GolfTest USA to conduct this test. We would welcome any feedback from golfers regarding the Flex Tee.

Flex Tee

The manufacturer of Flex Tee offers the following comments. We would like to thank GolfTest USA for the opportunity to have our product evaluated. We feel the comments are honest to most golfers who try Flex Tees for the first time.

All we ask is for everyone to judge for yourselves. We offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the performance of Flex Tees for any reason, return them for a full refund. We have sold thousands and thousands of Flex Tee pro sets in all 50 states and 17 countries worldwide. 2 have returned Flex Tees for a refund and -Zero- have returned for warranty. Flex Tee is a great high performance golf product, and we stand behind it.

Our normal price from our web site and Pro shops is $14.95. But if you email us directly at FTcustomerservice@flextee.net and ask for the “Golf Test USA Special” we will sell you a set to try for $10.00 with free shipping to anywhere in the world. Try Flex Tees out for a round or two or a month or two. If you are not satisfied for any reason just return them for a full refund. We accept all major credit cards and US personal and business checks.

You have nothing to loose except strokes of your score while adding consistency to your game and distance to all your drives.