Fairway Skins : A Premium Woman’s Golf Glove

A few months ago GolfTest USA attempted to begin a special test and review for some of the popular golf gloves currently on the market. Several of the most popular golf glove companies indicated they would like be included. As it turned out there were delays in getting the gloves from some of the companies and we have had to delay completing the test and review until early 2007.

Fairway Skins is a relatively new company that specializes in premium women’s gloves. Because we already received the golf gloves from them we decided to go ahead and have 25 women review the golf glove from Fairway Skins.

The Fairway Skins golf gloves are made from premium Cabretta* leather. They offer a unique glove with antique botanical prints attractively placed on the back of the hand. The following comments were taken from the Fairway Skins website.

“These gloves will withstand full sun and heavy downpour. Their elegant look sets them apart from all other gloves, appealing to the casual as well as the more serious golfer. Our product line consists of six floral golf gloves made of 100% Cabretta* leather. Most of the designs are from the archives of the Natural History Museum in London, with permission granted for use. There is a small pearl ball marker to the left of the tab and there is a bit of extra length at the wrist. The sizes are small, medium, large and extra large. Right-handed gloves are available in limited quantity. Our gloves are designed to look fabulous, feel great and complement your game.”

The feedback we received from the women golfers who used the Fairway Skins was very positive on all aspects of the glove. All of the reviewers “loved” the quality and softness of the leather. The beautiful floral designs really added to the attractiveness of the glove and the women felt they were a nice complement to their golf outfits.

They also indicated that they were pleased with the durability of the glove especially in light of the softness of the glove. There were many comments about how well the glove fit and the overall high quality. The design and style were second to none. Now we must add that the price of the Fairway Skins glove is also at a premium level but this glove fits the old truism to a T. “You are never sorry when you buy the best.”

One problem was noted by several of the women in the test. They felt they would have to have to buy at least 3 or 4 different designs to coordinate with their golf outfits.

We have awarded the Fairway Skins glove our”Seal of Excellence” so women golfers can feel confident that if they purchase a Fairway Skins glove it will be of superior quality, value and performance.

We want to thank Fairway Skins for participating in our test and review. For additional information go to www.fairwayskins.com.