Bobby Jones Drivers and Graphite Design Shafts Go Great Together.

Recently GolfTest USA conducted a special test comparing “high performance” golf tees.  We wanted to be sure that the test was conducted using a driver and shaft combination that would provide us with consistent results across a wide range of golfers who had varying swing speeds and skill levels. We did extensive internal testing and determined that the best driver was the new driver that Jesse Ortiz had just designed to replace the old Bobby Jones model. He recommended that the drivers used in the test be fitted with the Graphite Design G-series shafts. We had Jesse make us six drivers with different lofts and flexes to be sure each participant in the Tee Test would be using a properly fitted driver. This is the first time we have used a format in which each participant used the same model driver in a test. The results were so consistent that we will consider using the same testing protocol in all future tests. In fact, we were able to lower the statistical margin of error from +/- 5% to an astounding 2%. We can’t thank Jesse Ortiz, at Bobby Jones Golf, enough for all his help. We also want to give a very special thanks to Graphite Design Shafts.


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