About Us

About GolfTest USA Why was GolfTest USA formed?
GolfTest USA was formed so golf consumers will have one website to visit to get independent and unbiased information enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions for all golf related products. The categories include golf clubs, balls, accessories, training aids, apparel, golf schools and golf resorts. We are the “Consumer Reports” of the golf industry. We ask that the golfing public help us by letting manufacturers of golf products know that you want them to participate in our testing regimen. If the manufacturers have quality products they should have no concern that we will be evaluating, testing, rating and ranking their products so that the golfing public can find out which are the best products on the market today.

What will you find at the GolfTest USA website?
GolfTest USA conducts ongoing tests on many different golf products. As the results are compiled they are posted on our website. From time to time we publish articles in many golf publications about various products we have tested. Although we test all golf related products our focus is on golf clubs, balls and training aids. After club testing is completed, we post the ratings on the clubs in each category. The highest rated clubs in each category are designated to be in our “ELITE GROUP”. For a club to be selected for entry into our “ELITE GROUP” it must show during our testing process that it is of superior quality, performance and value. By the end of 2001 we will have completed our initial testing for all categories and will have the ratings posted. We will continue to conduct ongoing testing as new products are introduced. You may request us to test a product and we will make every effort to insure that it is tested and the results are posted. We are here to serve the golfing public so we ask that you tell us what you want and we will strive to fulfill your requests.

What other services does GolfTest USA provide?
GolfTest USA performs proprietary testing for many manufacturers of products in the golf industry. We can develop a test for any product. The test will provide the manufacturer valuable information on the acceptance a product will receive when introduced to the golf consumer. We determine the criteria for each test that will give market research information on the product by using consumer preference techniques. The use of information obtained from this type of testing can save the manufacturer time and money by helping them to determine the target market and the product’s success in today’s crowded golf marketplace. The cost of these tests is minimal in relation to the cost of developing and marketing a product and is more than offset by the savings realized from the use of the results of the test. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with manufacturers how we can design a test to meet their individual needs.