Boomerang Putting Professional Training Aid Summary Report: April 2008

During January and February, 2008 GolfTest USA performed testing on the Boomerang Putting Professional. 25 golfers participated in the test and were asked to use the Boomerang Putting Professional according to the DVD provided them. The DVD showed the testers how to use the Boomerang Putting Professional to get the most benefit from it. After one month the testers completed an evaluation form and were asked to rate several questions on how they like the Boomerang Putting Professional and how much they felt it helped them improve their putting.

Some of the test results are reported here.

***Since you started using the Boomerang Putting Professional did the distance control of your putts improve?
Yes___ No___ The Same__

Results: 75% of the testers had better distance control since using the Boomerang Putting Professional. This is a very high percentage that shows that the Boomerang Putting Professional delivers on its claim that it helps improve a golfer’s distance control.

***Since you started using the Boomerang Putting Professional did the accuracy of your putts improve?
Yes___ No___ The Same___

Results: 70% of the testers had better accuracy since using the Boomerang Putting Professional.

***Of all the putting training aids you have tried, which one do you feel was the most effective or beneficial?

Results: 70% of the testers who had used other putter training aids said they liked the Boomerang Putting Professional best.

What did you like best about the Boomerang Putting Professional?

“Stroke repetition helps me improve my tempo”
“Helps to tell if you are swinging on a straight path”
“You can tell if you are aligned properly”
“Easy to use”
“Ball return makes it easy to practice with”
“Compact and quick set up”
“Fun to use”

*** Is there anything else you would like to comment on regarding the Boomerang Putting Professional?

“You can easily see how straight a line your putter path follows along the green mat. This is very beneficial”

“Practicing with the Boomerang Putting Professional from a distance of 8 feet before a round on golf helps me make short putts I used to miss”

GolfTest USA Review
Based on the results of the test GolfTest USA has determined that the Boomerang Putting Professional will help most golfers improve their putting and lower the number of putts per round. One of the most important things about the Boomerang is that unlike others putting training aids is it doesn’t try to remake or change your putting stroke. There are as many different putting strokes are there are golfers. Many putting training aids want you to change the stroke you have become accustomed to over many years. The Boomerang instead helps you to focus on direction, feel and tempo. Practicing with it promotes more confidence when you get to the golf course. It is important for golfers to develop of practice regimen by using the Boomerang Putting Professional about twice a week for fifteen minutes or before playing a round of golf to keep their tempo smooth and their distance control sharp. Some putting training aids are difficult to use so golfers tend not to continue to use them. That was not the case with the Boomerang Putting Professional because the testers said it is easy to set up and fun to use. GolfTest USA has determined that the Boomerang Putting Professional is a golf product of superior quality, value and performance. Because of the excellent ratings the Boomerang Putting Professional achieved in the test GolfTest USA is awarding it the GolfTest USA”Seal of Excellence”.

The GolfTest USA Staff.

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Here is a copy of a review (not a test) that GolfTest USA wrote a couple of years ago on the Boomerang Putting Professional that will provide more information and insight into its features and benefits.

Boomerang Putting System: Review / July 2006

While GolfTest USA was walking the aisles of the PGA show in Orlando last January came across an interesting putting training aid. Boomerang Golf offered to send a unit for us to review. We had several of our test administrators use the Boomerang Putting System and then offer their comments. We did not conduct an actual test. The comments offered are the individual opinions for the test administrators and should be viewed as such.

The following information was provided by Boomerang Golf and is being included here to explain the claims made about the Boomerang Putting System by the manufacturer.

• Professional Putting Aid
• Kinetic Ball Returner
• Addictive Match play Game
• Includes Free 8ft Carnoustie Putting Mat (Stimpmeter 11.5, USGA: Fast)
• Includes Free Instructional VCD
• Ingenious 2-Ball System
• Fully Adjustable – length, break & distance
• Silent, gravity operated mechanism
• Compact & Portable

• Better Feedback than any other putting aid
• More repetitions than any other ball returner
• More fun than any other putting game
• Groove a professional stroke in weeks
• Maintain a professional stroke in less than 15 minutes a day
• Highly efficient – Never chase golf balls under the furniture again
• Can be used on any flat surface
• Virtually silent
• No batteries or power required

The Boomerang’s an addictive game. It also gives you better quality feedback than any other putting aid and more reps than any other ball returner.

It’s so challenging you can play for hours but at the same time you’re playing on a training device used by tour pros to fine tune their muscle memory.

The Boomerang’s silent, kinetic design and ingenious 2-ball mechanism doesn’t need batteries which means you can use it anywhere and play for as long as you like without needing to retrieve a ball. You can beat the Boomerang by improving your Average or beat another golfer by challenging them to a game of Match play.

Once set every putt becomes an identical challenge of perfect line and perfect pace. Get it right and the Boomerang alternates a lag putt followed by a match play putt up to 500 times an hour, get it wrong and the ball is back at your feet to try again

The target works like a spirit level and a ball will only come to rest at 6 o’clock when you’re on a level surface. When you know the putt is straight before you hit it you also know that any putt that misses can only be the result of the stroke itself. But if you miss you immediately know why and the back is right back at your feet for another try.

Learning how to hit a perfectly straight putt is the first thing we show you on the Boomerang’s VCD because it’s only once you can hit a totally straight putt that you can start working on absolute distance control. Access Tour Tips on-line and combine them with the BoomTech video and you’ll have a lethal putting stroke on any surface.

The Boomerang gives you tour quality practice and simulate incredible pressure at home, the office, the club or anywhere you might be – and the best part is it’s so addictive I promise you wont be able to walk past the Boomerang without trying to get an in&out or two – however long that takes…

A Boomerang MK-1 Tour Pack contains a Boomerang, an instructional VCD, an 8ft Carnoustie putting surface and a money back guarantee. It’s absolutely absorbing and we think it’s the perfect gift for any golfer. Play on your own or with friends and start grooving a professional putting stroke today – it’s great fun and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

GolfTest USA Review
To begin with the Boomerang Putting System was easy to set up and within a couple of minutes we were making putts and working on our stroke and tempo. The Boomerang makes you work on your accuracy and distance. The speed of a putt is very important and the Boomerang helps you develop the touch you need to “just get the putt to the hole”. The Boomerang can easily be adjusted to effectively increase the length of putts by adjusting the angle of the hole up or down. It is a low tech training aid that doesn’t require batteries and it has no moving parts so it works every time. It was fun and easy to use so most of the reviewers used it for up to a half an hour at a time. It was a challenge to see how many putts in a row you could make and keep hitting putts on line and at the right speed. It was very effective at improving golfer’s tempo of putts because it was easy to hit putt after putt on the same line and speed which helped to ingrain muscle memory into the stroke. It can be used as a game at get-togethers where even people who are not skilled at golf can have fun playing with it. There are many games that can be played and competitions can be conducted in many different ways. There are many more aspects to the Boomerang that can be reviewed by visiting the Boomerang website. There is a cool video of a guy who makes many putts in a row. We want to reiterate that we are only offering our opinion here as we did not have a focus group of golfers use the Boomerang, rate it and then compile results. However we would add that we have reviewed many putting training aids and we can say the Boomerang is one of the easiest to use and most effective ones we have seen over the years. And it is very reasonably priced.

The GolfTest USA Staff.

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