FlightScope Kudu Summary Report / June 2008

In the summer of 2007 GolfTest USA had some proprietary tests to conduct on several new drivers. The tests required us to measure accurately the distance and dispersion of hundreds of shots hit at our test center. We have a very efficient and accurate method for measuring shots made by each tester. By using a gps device and a wheel tape measure we can achieve results that are within 3% accuracy. We thought that if we had a launch monitor that would give us results within a 5% margin of error, the results would still be valid and its use would save us a tremendous amount of time and manpower. We had seen FlightScope at several golf shows, and learned that FlightScope filed the world’s first patent application for 3D Doppler Tracking Radar Technology for Golf. We contacted the company to see if we could use the FlightScope Kudu in our standard testing and also in our proprietary testing. The company agreed to send us a FlightScope Kudu to use in our testing.
Because we are dedicated to employing only the most precise measurement methods for our testing, FlightScope provided us with its new software and firmware updates in January, 2008. In February, 2008, we used the FlightScope Kudu, encompassing the new software and firmware, to conduct a practice test, with highly accurate results. We compared the FlightScope Kudu results with our manual method and were pleasantly pleased to find that the FlightScope Kudu was within 2.5% of the accuracy we needed to validate test resultsAs we have validated the accuracy of the new software and firmware, we realize that the FlightScope Kudu is a real timesaver. We easily can have a golfer hit 10 to 12 shots and then we can use the data recorded by the FlightScope Kudu to determine the distance and dispersion of that group of shots. The data gathered on ball spin rates are also valuable. Another valuable feature of the FlightScope Kudu is its ability to determine a golfer’s “Smash Factor.” As it was explained to us by a FlightScope guru, the Smash Factor is the ratio of ball speed to clubhead speed (simply divide ball speed by clubhead speed). It is a good measure of how well the ball was struck and how effectively club energy is transferred to the ball. A smash factor of 1.50 would put you in the Tiger Woods class, while mere mortals tend to be in the 1.30 to 1.35 range.There are a number of other parameters and data that the FlightScope Kudu measures, all of interest to golfers looking to analyze their swings. It provides feedback on launch angle, ball spin rates (back and side), clubhead and ball speed and several other factors. The software program then compiles and presents the data in several formats, including graphs and visual charts, which really help golfers determine where they need to improve. While we don’t use many of these features in our testing, we are sure that the information is invaluable to golf instructors and club fitters.

Based on our recent use and evaluation of the FlightScope Kudu, we have awarded it our GolfTest USA”Seal of Excellence”.


The FlightScope Kudu has shown itself to be a quality product that performs at a high level and is a solid value. We were very pleased that the FlightScope support staff was there for us to help us through the set-up and during the times we needed assistance to ensure we got the most out of the FlightScope Kudu. Its use has allowed us to cut our testing time by one third. For more information on the FlightScope Kudu, see

– The GolfTest USA Staff

The following information was taken directly from the FlightScope Web site so that interested parties can find out more about the FlightScope products, their development and uses.

Ball Tracking Technology
FlightScope’s ball tracking technology was derived from Doppler radar and digital signal processing technology traditionally used in Defense Systems that track ballistic projectiles.

EDH pioneered the use of 3D tracking technology in sports as diverse as cricket, tennis and golf since the early 1990’s.

The FlightScope brand name was introduced for the range of sports products and services at the turn of the millennium.

On-going development delivered new applications for FlightScope’s ball tracking technology in both Soccer and Baseball, with more to come.

Golf Ball Tracking Products
Golf ball tracking through 3D, FlightScope has pioneered the use of 3D tracking technology for golf, providing unsurpassed measurement of golf balls and clubs.

More than a launch monitor. FlightScope not only determines the launch conditions of a golf ball but also tracks the ball during its flight to provide unsurpassed data about the launch and resultant ball trajectory.

As a business tool it has a short payback period and excellent return on investment.

Using patented phased array tracking technology and superior user graphics, FlightScope is the standard choice for leading pro shops and retail chains, club fitters, and coaches.

FlightScope also provides the backbone of the About Golf indoor golf simulator, the world’s most realistic virtual golf game.

At corporate days at golf courses, driving ranges, and exhibition venues, FlightScope is often the center of attraction.

FlightScope is available for TV broadcast enhancement services off the tee at major golf tournaments.

Most first-timers are amazed at what FlightScope can measure in a simple, cost-effective way. Why don’t you see for yourself?
FlightScope Kudu – for both indoor and outdoor use FlightScope Kudu is the solution that replaces traditional launch monitors. It measures clubs and ball flight directly, providing the most extensive set of measured data available on the market today. Unlike imitations and camera-based systems, FlightScope directly measures the true 3D track of the club and the ball, including the launch conditions and ball spin at accuracies never before achieved.

Golf Applications

Golf Club Fitting
FlightScope is the ideal golf club fitting tool. Being portable, it can be used as a standalone test system as well as integrated with automated golf club fitting solutions such as Swing Laboratories.

From a few reference shots FlightScope will measure the clubhead speed, shot shape and other data related to the golfer’s performance and capability. These data, combined with the club fitter’s knowledge base, then are used to select suitable clubs to improve golf swing and the golfer’s performance. Final club selection follows optimizing the launch conditions and comparative testing using FlightScope as the evaluation tool.

FlightScope can be used to fit both drivers and irons.

Golf club fitters also use FlightScope to test clubs personally to enhance their own knowledge about club performance beyond the data provided by club manufacturers or third-party test labs.

FlightScope integrates with Swing Laboratories. FlightScope data can be uploaded directly to the SwingLabs on-line club fitting service. See

Golf Training Aid – The Perfect Golf Swing
“Consistent practice sessions are essential to the improvement of the beginner golfer. But players need to have a full understanding of what they are trying to do and how to practice. Beating golf balls aimlessly does no good and only ingrains poor habits.” (

Although FlightScope as a golf training aid cannot teach a person how to swing a golf club or how to become fit, it can assist a golf instructor to teach you the perfect golf swing by monitoring improvement in a scientific manner.

Golf instruction already uses a variety of technological aids including balance plates, video analyzers and more. FlightScope is the breakthrough technology that provides accurate data of golf shots previously limited to only a few privileged with access to expensive scientific instruments.

Golf instructors have different teaching methods and styles. The FlightScope golf training aid can support all methods and styles of golf instruction. It measures the performance of golfers and their equipment, so that the instructor has the ability to assess and analyze players of all levels in a scientific, professional manner. “More craft, less smoke.”

FlightScope provides the following important data to the golf instructor:
•Clubhead speed and trajectory
•Ball speed, launch angle and spin
•Carry and total distances, and angle of descent
•Shot shapes and trends
•Grouping of shots and more

Golf measurements are displayed as easy-to-read tables and graphs.

FlightScope also can show typical data of other golfers (professionals or peers) for comparison.

Easy to Use
FlightScope can be set up at a driving range, a golf course or an indoor hitting bay. It is transportable, and can be moved and set up at different locations with ease. Get the perfect golf swing and the most from your golf instruction with the FlightScope golf training aid.

Golf Club Retail Sales
FlightScope is an ideal tool to enhance golf club retail sales. It can be set up quickly and easily in almost any indoor hitting cage.

The system provides measurements that are reliable, consistent and credible – vital when making a sales recommendation to a prospective customer. FlightScope allows comparison of both golf clubs and golf balls.

If you are interested in learning about how FlightScope can make your golf club and ball retail sales grow and increase profits, please contact FlightScope for more details.

Sports Measurement Tool
Manufacturers of golf clubs, shafts, grips, other club components and golf balls can use FlightScope testing and demonstration of product performance from the laboratory through to the sales network at costs well below that of traditional proprietary test systems.

Easy to set up and use, highly portable but nonetheless accurate and dependable, FlightScope is the ideal sports measurement tool for any equipment manufacturer.

Golf Swing Analyzer
FlightScope adds a new dimension to a golf club or driving range with its golf swing analyzer. The high-technology invention that tracks golf shots and provides player and equipment performance on a shot-by-shot basis will:
• Attract new and especially younger members
• Aid resident professionals with their coaching business
• Be a fresh attraction (delivering additional income) for corporate golf days
• Be the center for demo days, used by coaches or equipment suppliers.