L2 Lateral Line Putter Test: March, 2011

GolfTest USA was retained by the Lateral Line Putter Company to develop the testing protocol and methodology and then conduct a test having 20 golfers of all skill levels using the L2 Lateral Line Putter and Putting Technique. The object of the test was to determine if golfers were able to improve their putting using the L2 Lateral Line Putter and Putting Technique resulting in fewer putts per round and ultimately overall lower golf scores.The following instructions were given to each tester and they were asked to follow them closely.

L2 Lateral Line Putter Test Instructions

Test Methodology:

GolfTest USA would like to thank you for volunteering to take part in this important test. We ask that you commit to following the instructions set forth so that you are able to obtain the most benefit from putting with the L2 Lateral Line putter. You should than be able to provide accurate objective and subjective feedback at the end of the test. The purpose of this test is to determine if golfers are able to improve their putting performance using the L2 putter.

Test Protocol and Regimen:

1: View the videos on the use of the L2 putter at http://www.laterallineputter.com prior to practicing with it. We would like you to practice with the L2 about an hour a day for two days. Refer back to the videos as often as you feel is necessary to insure that you are using the correct putting techniques when putting with the L2.

2: GolfTest USA will contact you to make arrangements for you to come to the GolfTest USA testing facility at a time that is convenient for you. At that time you need to bring your putter and you will spend about a half an hour making putts with your putter and the L2 putter. You will then complete an evaluation form rating how you feel you performed with your putter and the L2 putter during the test. GolfTest USA will also be evaluating how well you performed during the test.

LateralLine L2 Putter and Putting Technique Evaluation

After each tester had practiced with the L2 for at least 2 hours they came to the GolfTest USA testing facility to finish the test. Each tester made 3 putts each with their putter and the L2 putter from 4 putting stations. Station 1 was a straight putt of 5 feet. Station 2 was 15 foot putt with a slight left to right break. Station 3 was a 20 foot putt with a slight right to left break. Station 4 was a straight, slightly uphill 40 foot putt. GolfTest USA measured the distance of each putt to the hole and recorded it. A putt that went in the hole was recorded as “0”. GolfTest USA added up all the distances and then averaged them for the entire test group.

Average number of feet for each tester with their putter was 26.7.

Average number of feet for each tester with the L2 putter was 32.9.

The testers averaged about 20% better results using their putter as opposed to the L2. Considering that the testers have been putting using the traditional putting technique and a putter they were very comfortable with and had been using for a while the results indicate that with more practice time the testers would undoubtedly continue to improve using the L2. A very interesting fact was noted regarding how the testers felt they did during the putting portion of the test at the GolfTest USA putting facility. When asked how they felt they performed with their putter versus the L2 on average they felt they putted better with the L2 even though the actual measurements showed they did slightly better with their own putter. The testers also completed an evaluation form in which they rated about 24 questions on how they felt they performed with the L2 putter. To review all of the questions and ratings of the test go to www.laterallineputters.com.

Conclusion: Final Summary

We reviewed the evaluations from the twenty testers and have determined that based on the ratings of all the questions and the objective results the L2 Lateral Line Putter helped almost every participant in this test improve their putting. The techniques learned while using the L2 Lateral Line Putter even helped them when using their current putter. A significant number of golfers would benefit from using the L2 Lateral Line Putter and the Face Forward technique of putting.

GolfTest USA has tested many putters in the past ten years. Because the L2 Lateral Line Putter is different from most other styles of putters it is one that should be considered by any golfer who has struggled in the past to improve their putting performance. Golfers who try the L2 should be willing to put the time and effort into learning a new putting technique. They need to be serious about improving their putting performance. If they put forth the time and effort they will definitely see benefits, improvements and results from using the L2 LateralLine Putter. Two key areas the testers felt they improved in were alignment and accuracy. One of the best features we found about the L2 LateralLine Putter is the ability to stand straight while putting thus relieving lower back pain for many golfers. Golfers are able to practice longer without aggravating their lower back.

In light of the positive results compiled during this test GolfTest USA is pleased to award the L2 Lateral Line Putter our GolfTest USA “Seal of Excellence”.

Golfers who purchase the L2 Lateral Line Putter can be confident it will be a golf product that is of superior quality, value and performance.gtusa_soe_small



The L2 Lateral Line Putter received an extremely high rating in “Quality” so we are also awarding it our 5 STAR rating.


For more information on the L2 LateralLine Putter go to www.laterallineputters.com.